The SIBS Teacher Team

Springboard International Bilingual School boasts a team of dedicated local and international teachers. The average number of years of teaching for the SIBS faculty body is about 10 years, and the average number of tenure at SIBS is about 5 years for our faculty team. 

Springboard International Bilingual School recruits foreign teachers predominantly from the western countries. Among the current faculty staff, 90% are coming from the United States, 70% of staff have Master's Degree or above, the rest 30% have Bachelor's degrees. All staff members have obtained the proper teaching certification and licensing in their home countries or internationally, as well as received the foreign expert work permits in China. 

The local Chinese teachers are an integral and integrated part of the SIBS faculty team. The Chinese teachers teach elementary school subjects such as Chinese, Math, Physical Education, Music and Visual Art for the elementary school. The Chinese teachers also teach (bilingually) middle and high school subjects such as Chinese, Math, Science, ESL and Visual Art. The Chinese teachers are experienced in both teaching in the host country environment, and in international schools. They with the foreign teachers form an aspiring and innovative instructional team