Co-curricular Program

At Springboard International Bilingual School, we are implementing the "4-Shift" Protocol of 21st Century learning, namely, the educational paradigm shift towards, high-level thinking, student agency, technology infusion, and authentic work. To this end, we promote a number of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. 

The Four Shifts Protocol that SIBS implements for 21st-Century Learning

1.     High-level Thinking, shift from traditional knowledge acquisition; 

2.    Student Agency, the shift from the teacher- or school-driven learning

3.    Technology Infusion, shift from technology substituting traditional school functions, 

4.    Authentic Work, the shift from learning through textbook-prescribed makeshift activity


Global Competency-based Learning Opportunity through International Competitions

At SIBS, we promote student participation in open international competitions over the Internet. Connect, Connect and Collaborate, through such participation, students will develop vital global competency. 

Technology-Infusion Educational Product for Enhanced Learning


At SIBS, to meet the critical learning of English literacy and language, we deploy a number of educational tools and products to enhance student learning. 


Rich Varieties of Extracurricular Activities


At SIBS, elementary school students engage in extracurricular learning through after-school activities and athletic sports. SIBS offer over 100 after-school activities each school year to elementary school students. 


The SIBS secondary school students engage in extracurricular activities such as clubs, performing arts, and sports. SIBS currently offers well over 30 different kinds of extracurricular activities for students. 

Student Testimonial:  

Joe: It is my pleasure to win this award. This is a recognition of my hard work in recent years. I had a dream when I was very young. I wished I could become an artist, like Hayao Miyazaki when I grow up. I could draw a lot of beautiful pictures and film fascinating animated movies. To achieve my dream, I have worked pretty hard. Thanks for the support of my school and the guidance of the art teachers and classmates who have helped me. I am sure I will draw more and better pictures in the future.

Student Photo: Words from Student

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Parent Testimonials: 

Parents: This is the first time my child has won a painting award internationally. As a parent, I am very pleased and proud of him. He has loved painting since he was a child. I can still clearly remember that when he was two years old, he took his father's brush and drew a few strokes on paper and told us that he was drawing a dragon. We were surprised because the painting was very similar to it. Since then, he couldn’t stop painting, and he draws wherever he goes. He drew the fish in the sea and the boat in the sea. He set his goals when he was very young and wanted to be an artist when he grows up. We hope he can make his dream come true and thank the school and the teachers for their support and help.

Student Testimonial:  

My teacher is humorous in teaching, and my classmates and I work together happily every day, which makes me gradually fall in love with English. I started to read English books for 30 minutes a day. As a result, my English reading ability and understanding of new words have been improved. What I learned from the competition is that efforts will be fruitful.

Student Photo: Words from Student

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Parent Testimonials: 

Thank the school for providing my child with a pleasant learning environment and a positive learning atmosphere; thank the teacher for their tireless teaching and care for the children, which help him grow and learn healthily and happily. Teachers are the “parents” of the children at school. In addition to actively cooperating with teachers' work, as parents, we also have an essential task of family education and supervision. We must pay attention not only to the child's learning but also to the child's heart and mind. By participating in this competition, the child understood the true meaning of hard work, gains, accumulation, and persistence. At the same time, he found out the advantages and disadvantages of others, which will help him a lot in maintaining a positive, optimistic, and confident attitude for him in the future.