Teaching and Working at Springboard International Bilingual School

Teaching is about the hardest job in the world. Teaching is also about the most misunderstood profession in the world. It contains quite possibly the most professional dimensions that are invisible to untrained eyes. With that understanding, Springboard International Bilingual School seeks to provide competitive salary & benefits as well as the professional support that teachers need to be effective in the 21st-century classrooms. 

We provide teachers: 

  1. Beijing locally and internationally competitive salary & benefits; 

  2. Professional development allowance to teachers to advance educational credentials and qualification; 

  3. In-school professional development opportunities up to 40 hours each school year;

  4. Professional guidance through class observation, coaching and goal settings; 

  5. Teaching resources such as ICT, texts, references, co-curricular products and solutions; 

  6. Buddying and socializing events to make connection at work and at local community; 

Springboard International Bilingual School is a young, dynamic and fast-growing organization. We constantly crave for the educator talents with the right skills and mentality, to tackle the educational challenge for the new generation. At work, we encourage the innovator's mindset and a can-do attitude. We encourage teachers engage with the school community, our parents and students, as the most available support for your professional endeavor, as the Chinese parents are about the most responsible and attention-giving parents in the world and the Chinese students are about the most willing and smartest learners.