SIBS has set up a physics laboratory, a chemistry laboratory, and a biology laboratory for MSHS students. Each laboratory is spacious and bright, the environment is clean and tidy, and the facilities are advanced and comprehensive. All laboratories are equipped with power-type experiment tables, multimedia equipment, and information network ports, and fire extinguishing devices. The podiums are provided with standard water taps and pools.

Physics is a discipline that studies the most general laws of matter movement and the basic structure of matter. Physics experiment is an essential way for students to conduct scientific inquiry, while the laboratory is a necessary place for students to learn and conduct experiments, and the primary resource for physics inquiry learning. Therefore, SIBS attaches great importance to the construction of physics laboratories, equipped with advanced and comprehensive equipment, especially many expensive integrated experimental inquiry boxes. This is to ensure that each student can carry out preliminary inquiry activities and create good conditions for students to do innovative inquiry activities.

Chemistry is a science subject that studies the properties, composition, structure, changes, and applications of matter. It is a science that based on experiments. Chemistry lab focuses on teaching and aims to improve the quality of education, carry out demonstrations, student experiments, and exploratory experiments. The design, construction, and reasonable space arrangement of the chemistry lab make it strictly compliant, ensuring the safety and effectiveness of laboratory facilities and equipment. There are special dangerous goods cabinets for flammable, explosive, toxic, and hazardous materials laboratories, and someone takes responsibility for keeping and storing them.

Biology is a science that studies biological phenomena and the laws of life activities. The laboratory equips students with a variety of biological samples, sections, and a sufficient number of high-performance electron microscopes. Students can acquire the necessary skills of natural experiment operation, specific scientific inquiry, and practical ability, develop scientific thinking habits. They can also understand the meaning of the harmonious development of humans and nature and enhance their awareness of environmental protection, form the fundamental biological viewpoint, and a scientific attitude that lays the necessary foundation for establishing a dialectical materialist worldview.

Each laboratory has a full-time lab teacher responsible for the management. They strictly implement SIBS’ “Laboratory Management Regulations” and the plan for experimental teaching and are responsible for laboratory construction and daily management. When students do experiments in the laboratory, they are supervised by the instructor and the lab teacher to ensure the safety of the students. Under the guidance of teachers, students are able to complete various experiments, be trained to be creative, diligent in practice, and rigorous and scientific, and improve their scientific literacy in an all-round way.