The SIBS band programme begins in Grade 6 and continues through secondary school. Students with no prior musical experience are encouraged to join. Students who have previous musical experience will still find the programme challenging. Students have the opportunity to learn one of the wind instruments - Flute, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, French Horn, Trumpet, Trombone, or Baritone Horn. Students will go through an instrument trial process to make sure that they are playing the best fit instrument for them. At SIBS, the band programme is considered a core academic subject. Students need to devote a minimum of 20min each day to practise their assigned instrument. The band programme follows the American common core standards for instrumental ensembles.


There are a total of 11 different standards within the categories of Performance, Creation and Responding for students to meet during the duration of the course.


Performance - Students practise their instrument and perform as part of the ensemble at scheduled concerts each year. Students will have a bi-weekly performance assessment online that they will complete as part of their homework and upload. Students will receive targetted feedback from the teacher within a few days of the due date, to help them prepare for the following week’s assessment.


Creating - Students will learn how to compose music, using online programmes. They will be encouraged to write for their instrument. Opportunities to perform their composition will also be provided.


Responding - Students will learn how to talk about music, using music vocabulary. They will learn how to listen to the nuances of music, at an appropriate level.


Students who put in the time and effort will have a rewarding experience within the band programme. There will be opportunities for honour ensembles and trips for dedicated students. Students will learn music, but more than that, they will learn important life skills that they can and will use in the classroom and their daily lives.




Playing an instrument in Band teaches students to coordinate their abilities into one central effort. It gives them a feeling of group loyalty and a sense of belonging.




Playing an instrument teaches responsibility. Emphasis is placed on following instructions and students develop a sense of their role in a group achievement.


Personal Achievement


Meeting and overcoming challenges is one of the single most rewarding experiences of playing an instrument. The Band provides opportunities for students to grow musically and learn to reach their goals.


Making Friends


Students in Band are a select group of young people. Working together as a team develops strong bonds that can become lasting friendships.


Self Confidence


The sense of personal worth that students achieve from creating music together can stay with a student for the rest of his/her life. Many prominent persons point to early music training as an important part of their upbringing.



Enjoying School


For many students, playing in the Band is the highlight of their school day. The pleasure they get from seeing their friends, having fun performing together and working toward a common goal becomes a big part of their success in the classroom.