Physical education courses for grades KG to 2:

To stimulate and develop children's athletic talents, to help children improve their strategies, emotions, and teamwork skills. Physical education curriculum will be designed around young children in different types of curriculum units, each unit consists of a different lesson objectives.

1 jump training unit

2. Throwing training unit

3. Physical fitness training unit

4 basketball unit

5 soccer unit

6 football unit

7 Team work game unit

G3 to G5 PE course

In order to improve students in physical,intellectual,emotional,social development.PE course is made by so many(key and related concepts).we design different units by those concepts. Every class of one unit has own-goal

1. Cooperative Games

2. Health & Fitness

3. Individual sports

4. Soccer

5. basketball

6. aesthetic movement

7.teamwork sports

8.Territory Games

G6to G12 Physical Education Curriculum Guide

We are looking forward to providing your child with an exciting and rewarding physical education program.


Physical Education is “systematic introduction in sports, exercises and hygiene given as part of a school program”.

Physical Education classes will teach students the importance of lifelong healthy living, exercise and leisure.

Goals for the students

-          To exercise and be physically active on a daily basis

-          To learn the importance of healthy living and eating

-          To develop teamwork skills

-          To value physical activities for enjoyment, challenge, social interaction and career opportunities.

-          To have fun!


-          Respect everyone in class and display excellent sportsmanship

-          Bring the required materials to class and be dressed for physical activity

-          Be punctual and be ready to participate

-          Participate! Be engaged in ALL activities



Football, Athletics, Cooperative games, Badminton, Handball, Basketball, Alternative sports, Volleyball, Baseball.

Tournament between different classes of one grade

At SIBS. We will hold soccer tournament in first season and basketball in second season.those tournaments are component of soccer and basketball unit. To test every students level and sportsmanship.

School competition

SIBS is member of BASE(Beijing Area Sports Exchange),we will attend a variety of games between different international schools(tournament,league,friendly game). we set up many school teams to participate in those games welcome kids with ability join in different school teams(soccer. Basketball tennis, badminton swimming)