A place that broadens Chinese students' international horizons;

A teaching research lab compatible with advanced concepts of Chinese and foreign education;

A learning community that realizes the education ideal of professional teachers.


SIBS Characteristics:

Adopt one system, two languages, three parties, four dual tracks, and multiple combinations. “One system” refers to the use of the American teaching system. “Two languages” refers to the use of bilingual language - Chinese and English. “Three parties” refers to the resource integration of SIBS Preschool, parents, and the community. “Four dual tracks” means that the curriculum, goals, teachers, and time all take up about 50%. “Multiple combinations” refers to the ultimate training of children who can adapt to future social development under the circumstance of multi-culture.


Teaching System:

Discover children's potential through inquiry-based education activities.

Encourage children to reflect on learning through experiential game activities.

Guide children to improve in all aspects through thinking interactive activities.


Health Features:

Cultivate children’s consciousness to recognize, strengthen, and serve them. Guide children to fully understand themselves through daily game activities. Help children to enhance their bodies through specialized physical training, and ultimately encourage children to self-service, recognize the goal of physical fitness, then the purpose of fully self-care.