As studying aboard in art programs becoming more and more popular in recent years, some popular majors such as Architectural Design, Interior Design, Industrial Design, Clothing Design, and Art Management have received lots of attention. More and more parents are concerned about how to help children make plans in advance and prepare artwork collections to apply for the ideal art schools. Therefore, SIBS sets up the Department of Art and Design (G6-G10) with professional art and design courses (compulsory courses, credit system), specifically for students with artistic needs, to help students complete the collection, participate in international and domestic competitions, organize students to participate in art exhibitions, in order to apply for the world's leading universities and colleges of art and design.

Art Intensive Program Highlight

The program follows U.S. art course standards, and it’s a goal-oriented program for art undergraduates.

Linking the teaching concepts abroad and help students adapting to the learning methods and atmosphere of foreign colleges and universities in advance.

Pay attention to the improvement of students' basic techniques, transform and reshape critical thinking of art.

Set ASA art clubs to enhance students' academic background.

Organize students to participate in international competitions and exhibitions and hit the world's leading art colleges.

Admission Requirements

Academic Examination: Consistent with the admission requirements and procedures of SIBS.  

Art Exam: Pass a written exam from the Department of Art and Design and submit a copy of the student's artwork collection.