SIBS Profile: 

Springboard International Bilingual School was established in 2000, and SIBS aims to provide a diversified learning environment and a bilingual integrated international education for students from pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12 high school. SIBS is licensed and approved by the Beijing Educational Bureau for accepting foreign national students and employing teachers from abroad. SIBS conducts instruction in small classes, entitles students with adequate personal attention and support, and ensures the quality pf personalized learning. SIBS emphasizes the cultivation of individual character, critical thinking, problem solving and effective communication. 

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SIBS Curriculum: 

The SIBS Curriculum seeks to provide a wide-spectrum rich-variety course selection to students to receive a broad-based liberal education. The curriculum aims to be standard-based as much as integrate the 21st-century skill developments for young learners. 

We are a bilingual (Chinese and English) international school. We believe in the cognitive advantage and life-long value of bilingual education. For our English-based courses, we adopt the United States Common Core State Standards and related curriculums. For our Chinese-based courses, we follow the Chinese National Curriculum by the Ministry of Education. Our English- and Chinese-based courses are integrated in instructional approach and content mapping, and they are driving towards transdisciplinary integration through our adoption of the International Baccalaureates programs. Currently, the percentage of courses taught in English and Chinese are as follows: 

Grades% in English% in Chinese
Elementary (K-5)7030
Middle School (6-8)8020
High School (9-12)9010

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SIBS Teachers

Springboard International Bilingual School boasts a team of dedicated local and international teachers. The average number of years of teaching for the SIBS faculty body is about 10 years, and the average number of tenure at SIBS is about 5 years for our faculty team. Springboard International Bilingual School recruits foreign teachers predominantly from the western countries. Among the current faculty staff, 90% are coming from the United States, 70% of staff have Master's Degree or above, the rest 30% have Bachelor's degrees. All staff members have obtained the proper teaching certification and licensing in their home countries or internationally, as well as received the foreign expert work permits in China. 

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Fast Facts of SIBS: 


Early Childhood and Kindergarten (Age: 2-6); Elementary School (Grade 1-5); Middle School (Grade 6-8); High School (Grade 9-12); 

Class Size: 

Early Childhood and Kindergarten: 18-20 students/per class

Regular Hours: 

Monday-Friday: 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM, (After School Activity during: 3:40 PM - 4: 30 PM) 

After School Activities (Elementary School): 

Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Football (Soccer), Golf, I-GO, Chess, Rubik's Cube, Swimming, Tennis, Tap Dance, Ukulele, Uno! Club, English Reading, Homework Club, Oil Painting, Phonics, Physical Fitness, World Mythology, Animation, Arts and Crafts, Boxing, Cooking, Choir, Coding for Kids, Chinese, LEGO, Magic, Science, Scratch, Creative Drawing, Wrestling. 

Clubs & Activities (Middle and High School)

Debate, Model UN, Creative Writing, History, Economics, Finance, MATH,STEM, Science, Computer, Student Government, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Media and Film. Sketch, Visual Art. 

School Facilities

libraries, sport fields, indoor and outdoor basketball courts, soccer fields, indoor gynasium, playground, auditorium, theatre, multi-purpose hall, art studios, music studios, dinning halls, science laboratories. 

School Uniforms

the whole set includes formal, regular and sports dresses for all four seaons of the year. 

School Bus

20 lines of bus routes covers most areas of Shunyi, Chaoyang and Haidian district


Dinning Service

Healthy balanced meals with both Chinese and Western varieties. 

Tuition and Fees

Application Fee: 

RMB 2,000 (non-refundable, covering application processing, testing and interviews, can be applied towards tuition when applicant does enroll.) 

Tuition Rate:


Tuition per Year

Tuition per Semester


RMB 150,000

RMB 90,000


(Early Childhood)

RMB 150,000

RMB 90,000



RMB 180,000

RMB 108,000



RMB 200,000

RMB 120,000



RMB 220,000

RMB 132,000

ART School

(High School)

RMB 240,000

RMB 144,000


Please note that: 

1) Springboard International Bilingual School uses bi-semester school year system, refers to the school year calendar for the applicable year of enrollment; 

2) Tuition is prorated to semester, we do not further prorate to month or week if the enrollment period is less than one semester; 

3) Tuition does not include the below Miscellaneous Fees: Meals, School Uniforms, School Bus Services, Books and Supplies, and boarding (if applicable). 

Boarding Program: 

Single-, double- and quad-rooms are provided for 5- or 7-day boarding students for a yearly fee of RMB 30,000-50,000.