Springboard International Bilingual School boasts a college counseling team with leading matriculation track records among international schools. The college counseling team includes SIBS' Head of School, Dr. Chen as a team member. The entire college counseling team has the study-abroad background, and are graduates of world-renowned universities. The college counseling process for a student typically starts from the Grade 9 year. It includes coursework planning, activity planning, career advice, psychological and emotional evaluation. The college counseling process seeks to find the best-fit college and/or university to match a student's full academic and intellectual potential. SIBS' college counseling process maintains the integrity compatible with SIBS' statute and mission. 

The SIBS' College Counseling Team: 

Dr. Xiaomin Chen, 

Graduated from Sun Yat-Sen University, and then studied abroad in the United States. Received in five years, a Ph.D. in Physics from Boston University and a Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Advised by Robert Schrieffer, 1974 Nobel Laureates in Physics, and Herbert Kroemer, 2000 Nobel Laureates in Physics. Formerly Member of Technical Staff at Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technology, and winner of 1998 Bell Labs President's Award Gold Prize. Author of the best-selling book "How to Send your kid to a World-Class University." Over the last ten years, have coached over 100 students gained successful entry into world-class colleges and universities. 

Caihong Ma (Rainbow)

Rainbow holds a bachelor’s degree in English. She has devoted herself to international education for more than ten years and worked as a college counselor in the international department of public school for a long time. She is proficient in international courses and university application systems. She has provided college consulting and application planning for nearly 1,000 of students and parents. Under her guidance, most of the graduates successfully applied to their ideal universities, including top universities: Duke University, Cambridge University, Imperial College and Group 8 of Australia and so on.

She excels in communicating with students and parents and assisting the students in self-assessment. She is always able to design personalized solutions based on parents' ideas and students' interests and characteristics and can provide comprehensive guidance for college application.

Haopeng Liu (Leo)

Leo holds a bachelor's degree in child developmental psychology, an associate degree in early childhood education, and an Early Childhood Education teaching certificate from Washington, the United States. He is familiar with each stage of children's development. He set students from ages 0 to 18 and help them grow as a goal in his career.

He has been worked as a principal assistant at SIBS since March 2018. He had worked as an intern at a kindergarten in the United States for one year, visiting different educational institutions, and became familiar with a variety of early American education models. He worked at the China Education Equipment Association, China Children's Press and Publications, and other companies in the educational industry, and experienced the education field from different angles.

Below is the kind of colleges and universities that our College Counseling Team members have coached successfully students to gain acceptance into: 




UC BerkeleyUCLA

UC Santa 


UC San DiegoUC DavisUC Irvine
Boston CollegeBoston UniversityUniv. of VirginiaUniv. of ChicagoDuke Univ.Vassar College
Colgate UniversityNortheastern Univ.Purdue UnivOhio State Univ.UIUCUniv. Wisconsin 
Tulane UnivGeorge Washington UnivEmerson CollegeNew York Univ.Georgia TechRPI

Contact Email for SIBS Counselors: counselor@sibs.com.cn