Middle School Curriculum

Springboard International Junior High School is now in Grade 6 to Grade 8. Adhering to bilingual international education characteristics, it is adopting the MYP curriculum system of International Diploma (IB). It integrates an American-style junior high school curriculum with Chinese historical and cultural characteristics.  The junior middle school stage is the key link stage of juvenile growth. Every international junior high school student is faced with a variety of choices from high school. Springboard International School's curriculum system and teaching characteristics can meet middle school students' diverse learning needs. Bilingual learning further strengthens junior high school students' English and Chinese foundation. English learning is to prepare students for entering the whole English curriculum and classroom environment. It is also to prepare students for writing, speaking, and research abilities to meet future intensive learning requirements. In terms of subject knowledge, Juncheng International Junior High School students are fully exposed to various natural science disciplines through comprehensive science and STEM courses and master the laboratory abilities of scientific exploration and hands-on problem-solving. SIBS Art Course allows students to complete the enlightenment education of art, drama, and music in junior middle school.

Adhere to bilingual education


SIBS has three grades in middle school, including Grade 6 to Grade 8. Based on bilingual international education characteristics, the school integrates the American middle school curriculum with Chinese historical and cultural courses. Bilingual learning further strengthens the foundations of Chinese and English for middle school students. English learning helps students prepare to enter the English-language curriculum and classroom environment, and meets the requirements for future high-intensity education on writing, speaking, and researching skills.


Outstanding subject characteristics


In terms of subject knowledge, students have access to various disciplines of the natural sciences through comprehensive science and STEM courses and master laboratory capabilities such as scientific exploration and problem-solving skills.


For English Math, SIBS has an excellent team of mathematics teachers, teaching bilingual AP Calculus, Calculus preparation courses, Algebra one, Algebra two, Geometry and other courses; VCE mathematics, expert mathematics. Teachers could appeal and inspire students easily. The students they taught achieved excellent results in the Applied Mathematics of the South Australian college entrance examination, and their passing rate ranked the top in the district.