The Guiding Principle of Curriculum

The SIBS Curriculum seeks to provide a wide-spectrum rich-variety course selection to students to receive a broad-based liberal education. The curriculum aims to be standard-based as much as integrate the 21st-century skill developments for young learners. 

We are a bilingual (Chinese and English) international school. We believe in the cognitive advantage and life-long value of bilingual education. For our English-based courses, we adopt the United States Common Core State Standards and related curriculums. For our Chinese-based courses, we follow the Chinese National Curriculum by the Ministry of Education. Our English- and Chinese-based courses are integrated in instructional approach and content mapping, and they are driving towards transdisciplinary integration through our adoption of the International Baccalaureates programs. Currently, the percentage of courses taught in English and Chinese are as follows: 

Grades% in English% in Chinese
Elementary (K-5)7030
Middle School (6-8)8020
High School (9-12)9010

SIBS has implemented our bilingual program for more than 10 years and accumulated years of experiences to allow the combination of the best of both worlds. The SIBS bilingual program/curriculum has integrated global perspectives. The bifurcated standard-based and comparable experience to real American and Chinese classrooms have been the distinct characteristics of our bilingual program. It meets the learning needs of our students. 

The SIBS curriculum addresses the students' critical learning needs in English literacy through the ESL course offering, and in Chinese literacy for foreign nationals through the CSL course offering. 

The SIBS curriculum also focuses on developing critical thinking and the ability to understand and communicate from multicultural and multiperspective angles. 

SIBS emphasizes and continues to enhance collaboration between teachers of English- and Chinese-based courses. The bilingual advantage is to be further developed and exploited beyond the current natural advantage of having two juxtoposed language-based program. 

SIBS also emphasizes the importance of co-curricular and extracurricular activities as a natural extension of our curriculum and enhancement of curricular learning. The SIBS co-curricular and extracurricular opportunities offer valuable differentiated learning for students.