International Program (English-based)

SIBS has a variety of curricular offerings across all grade levels. Our US Common Core standards and US material and textbooks push our curriculum forward for upward development and the potentiality for graduation to universities for higher learning around the world.

Our English department utilizes best practices for students to obtain literacy skills to survive in the 21st century. In grades K-5, teachers use Wonders from McGraw Hill as the foundation for literacy instruction. We employ a combination of small group guided reading instruction and whole group learning. Students are able to focus on vocabulary development and their writing skills as they progress through our grade levels.

The SIBS Math program is focused on combining the best elements of US common core standards and the Chinese National Curriculum. Teachers from both language backgrounds work together to develop the best approach to math education the students can access. SIBS math scores are generally very high according to national exams and MAP results. Our Math curriculum is dedicated to developing skills to dedicated to relevant real-life problem-solving.

Science and Social Studies/History is evolving into a mixed inquiry class that will be developed as the foundational units of our PYP program. We will be dedicating a great deal of energy over the next two years to develop these units in ES so that our students develop the skills needed to successfully investigate the world around them. Students will be involved in units that integrate a number of skills, combined with IT integration, to support the synthesis of knowledge and discovery.

Our specialist classes allow students to explore their creative energy and possibly hidden talents. These classes are Art, Music, and Physical education. These are essential to complete our well-rounded international school curriculum. As students develop their skills in these areas, they will have an opportunity to enroll in more advanced levels of fine and performing arts classes throughout their academic careers. A commitment to physical activity and life-long physical fitness is at the forefront of what we do at SIBS. We have established a strong fitness program and look to compete around Beijing in a number of various sporting opportunities.

IT is a key component in developing 21st-century skills. Our students have IT built into the program in elementary school and are able to utilize school technology to enhance learning. Our school digital instructional coach is able to work with teachers and students to access learning and explore their creativity and technology skills.