Primary school Curriculum

The education in SIBS elementary school combines IBPYP and Common Core State Standard curriculum standards. Foreign teachers stay with their students all day. The school creates a superior environment of American English and American culture, seamlessly connects all grades with the US curriculum, focuses on improving the students’ bilingual reading level, and introduces Razkids, Columbia Running Record Reading System, and MAP evaluation system.

SIBS’s curriculum system draws on the essence of Chinese and Western education, applying years of practical education and teaching experience to design a set of courses with an international perspective, which is unique and suitable for the development of the students. SIBS also offers ESL courses for students who are weak in English, which are taught by both Chinese and foreign teachers. Meanwhile, CSL courses are also provided for foreign students and are taught by teachers who have been teaching Chinese for many years, mainly strengthen the students’ learning from listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The Chinese curriculum focuses on cultivating students' written expression skills and incorporating more content about Chinese culture and history based on the requirements of the national syllabus. Through multiple teaching methods of an experienced teaching team, students could build mathematical thinking patterns, enhance their logical thinking skills, and cultivate students' ability to think independently. It is SIBS’s characteristic that helps every child find the most suitable learning method for them.

In the 2019 SPBCN (International English Spelling Bee Competition), SIBS students demonstrated strong language skills and comprehensive qualities in the arena, winning first and second places and achieving excellent results.

In terms of art competitions, SIBS students also perform well in it. The State-Fish Art Contest, which is popular in the United States, attracts nearly a million young people every year to participate. In the 2019 State Fish Competition, SIBS students won first, second, and third prizes.

SIBS students also participated collectively in the "Caribou Contests" organized by the Canadian Mathematical Society. The flexible and interesting test questions and the competition system help to cultivate students' interest in mathematics and good thinking habits.

Both SIBS Chinese and foreign teachers communicate closely, prepare lessons and cooperate together, and strive to integrate the Chinese and English courses perfectly. The school attaches great importance to the quality of student learning and maintaining the enthusiasm of students. SIBS also provides students with a variety of extracurricular activities to cultivate a wide range of interests for students.