ASA Course

The school provides hundreds of after-school classes of extracurricular interests for students from KG through 12th grade. Senior students (grades 6-12) mainly focus on community activities under the guidance of teachers. The lower grades (KG-5 students) are mainly teacher-taught after-school interest classes, including the following four categories: 

1) Sports (football, swimming, Go, tennis, golf, etc.)

2) Art (Imperial Music Theory, English Drama, Dance, Yukiri, Calligraphy, Painting)

3) Science and Technology (Lego robots, children's programming, English STEM science, manual, etc.)

4) Humanities (Korean, French, Spanish, Ancient View, Chinese History, etc.) 

We also provide Chinese homework remedial classes, ESL, homework club, Chinese math homework after-school and other additional support. 50% of after-school interest classes are free and are taught by the school teacher. 35% of after-school interest classes are taught by foreign teachers. In addition, the school works with professional institutions to provide students with high-quality and professional courses. The school encourages all students to explore their potential, find their own interests, rich interests and hobbies. ASA not only helps the development of students' personality but also helps students to apply to college in the future.