Question and answer
  • Q:Do SIBS students have the so-called "Xue Ji?"

    A:Yes, SIBS students have the so-called "Xue Ji." “Xue Ji" is a registration status with China's public elementary and secondary school system, it allows students to progress and transfer to other school within the system without major hustles to obtain such a registration status first. "Xue Ji" also allows Chinese national students to enroll in group medical insurance plan. Other than, "Xue Ji" has no impact for students seeking education abroad.

  • Q:SIBS welcomes students from China and around the world. It is comprised of students of different nationalities, regions, countries and beliefs.

    A:SIBS is a learning school for students of different nationalities, regions, countries, and beliefs. Students are not limited to nationality and household registration. We hope SIBS students are academic achievers, critical thinkers, efficient communicators, and self-guided learners with civic awareness and a sense of responsibility. At the same time, we believe that every student has its own characteristics and advantages. Schools respect the development and differentiation of students'personality and nature. SIBS is committed to cultivating students into world citizens with academic excellence, the courage to question and innovate, and a sense of mission. We will bring together students with all kinds of talents to help them develop and grow healthily in intelligence, emotion, sports, social and humanistic qualities.

  • Q:Does the school have its own independent and complete campus?

    A:The whole school covers the fresh air system. Contain: Kindergarten: teaching building, dining room, playground; Primary schools: teaching buildings, libraries, restaurants, stadiums, gymnasiums, multi-functional classrooms, Lego classrooms; Secondary school: teaching building, dormitory, dining room, stadium, gymnasium, library, science laboratory, theatre room, tea ceremony room, robot classroom, table tennis room.

  • Q:What does the SIBS' faculty body consist of?

    A:SIBS' faculty body consists of an international team of qualified teachers from foreign countries and from China. Foreign teachers primarily come from influential western countries such as the United States, Canada, Britain. SIBS's teachers are strictly selected and hired. They love education and have professional qualifications. Teams of English teachers have different cultural backgrounds, rich experience in international education, flexible and diverse teaching methods, and are popular with children. The Chinese Teacher Team is an enterprising and innovative elite teaching team with solid foundation of Chinese teaching and teaching experience of international schools. Juncheng has 520 students. There are students from 15 countries and regions all over the world studying in Juncheng. The ratio of foreign students to Chinese students is 3:1.